With locations in both Kasane and Kazungula, makes exchanging foreign currency easy for you and your business. You can also put through TT forms. If you don’t have any cash with you, you can purchase foreign currency through your credit card.

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Currency Exchange

We deal in 5 mayor currencies. We buy and sell USD, Euro, Pound and Namibian Dollar. Please bring your passport if you are foreigner as we do not accept other ID or OMANG if you are a citizen.

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You can now exchange currency very conveniently, using your credit and debit card thru our speed-point at 6% commission.

Telegraphic Transfer

Do you have bills that need paying in South Africa or any other country? Or perhaps you wish to bank into your own overseas account. Cape 2 Cairo Bureau de Change can offer you the service of submitting a Telegraphic Transfer or “T.T” on behalf of you or your company. We can offer this service in RANDS, POUNDS, EURO and US DOLLARS.

All you need to do to take advantage of this great service is email send us a copy of the invoice you wish to pay or the amount in the correct currency with full bank details. We will then give you a quote in pula. Once you are happy with our quote you can then deposit, transfer or drop off the funds into our account and we will submit the transfer for you on the same day! It’s that simple! We will email you a copy of the transfer for your records and can organize to send you the originals at a later stage. A T.T does usually take up to four working days before the amount reflects in the other account. (Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays are not considered working days).

Open Door Bureau

Open Door Bureau